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Insurance Coverage

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Insurance Coverage


Were you able to get insurance coverage for your birth? Do you want to share what you have learned with others? Email Annie Cagle at BirthingNaturally*at*gmail*dot*com to have your suggestions and advise added.





Do you have any information to share with others? (You can remain anonymous if you choose!) Was any of your birthing experienced covered by insurance? Email me at BirthingNaturally*at*gmail*dot*com to let me know.

Anonymous says:

"Humanna (State of Louisiana Plan) covered the midwife for my homebirth. They paid at least $1400, possibly a little more. I did not submit a request of payment for the birth kit; as some charges for supplies were submitted in the midwife bill and I didn't want to add to the confusion. There was a little difficulty in getting them to pay, but most of it was handled by the midwife. They did state that doulas were covered as well, but I didn't learn this until after the birth."





Letters from Midwives


A Midwife's letter to an Insurance company requesting they provide written coverage for birth.


July 18, 2006


Dear Medical Review Board of BC/BS


I recently spoke with a representative on behalf on one of my patient’s regarding coverage for midwifery services.


We were informed that prenatal care would be covered, but that there was no plan in place for coverage of the birth and that it would be brought before the board after the delivery.


When selecting a provider it is essential that the family has this information prior to the delivery. This is what they are paying for when they purchase insurance. With something as important as the delivery of a child, the family needs to know they will have continuity of care as well as being able to make an informed decision. She will not be able to switch providers later in the pregnancy.


I am a midwife licensed by the Louisiana Medical Board. I am also a Naturopathic Doctor. While practicing in Oregon I was covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Care with a midwife has proven to be both safe and cost effective. Preventative care can save a lot of money, as I am in the business of preventing unnecessary C sections. Some of the current rates of c-sections in the Louisiana hospitals are around 50 percent. The world health organization recommends under 10 percent as the national average. My transfer rate for women needing c-sections is 3 percent.


I would like you to consider a program or plan which would allow us to obtain recertification for services. Please respond in writing or by phone as soon as possible so that this family and others can make decisions regarding their care.


My address is 15 Kathleen Drive, Covington, LA 70433 and my phone number is 985-867-9933.


Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Dr. Kami Dehler





Letters from Pregnant Women



Email Annie at BirthingNaturally*at*gmail*dot*com to add your info here, letter or just tidbits of info relating to insurance coverage.

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