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Below is information on Birth Doulas, for assistance after birth see Post-Partum Doula.


If your spouse or partner are in the military please also visit our Operation Special Delivery page.


What is a doula?

Information provided by Birth Help, a doula company.

A doula is an experienced professional who attends the birthing family from early labor until after the baby is born. She offers specialized emotional and physical support to the mother during labor and birth. She instills confidence in the partner, freeing him to be as involved as he wishes.


Doulas often offer:


*assistance with preparation of a birth plan

*encouragement during the last weeks of pregnancy

*emotional and physical support during labor

*explanation of medical procedures & alternatives

*techniques, suggestions, and a variety of comfort measures for pain relief

*techniques and suggestions to encourage the labor process

*support to the father/partner in his/her role

*one-on-one care for her clients

*support during the early postpartum period

* Doula Certifying Organizations

DONA www.DONA.org




There are also other organizations that will be listed in the future. Those seeking a doula are encouraged to go to the above websites to learn more about doulas.

Questions for Prospective Doulas


Bring these questions and others you have along to your interviews with prospective doulas.

What training have you had? Are you certified? (You may want to verify this with the appropriate organization.)


Tell us about your experience with birth, both personally and as a doula.


What specific services do you provide?


May we call you with questions or concerns before and after the birth?


Which care providers have you worked with? Where have you attended births?


When do you join women in labor? Do you come to our home or meet us at the hospital?


Will you meet with us after the birth to review the labor and answer questions?


Do you work with one or more backup doulas (for times when you are not available)? May we meet them?


What is your fee? Is any part of your fee refundable if you do not attend the birth?


Please provide us with a list of previous client references.


Louisiana Doulas

* Birth Help, LLC (Baton Rouge Area)

René Johnson BS Ed, ICCE, CD(DONA)

Karen Cuellar

Sue Kenyon CD(DONA)




Birth Help, LLC offers childbirth classes, doula services, and doula training. Doulas attend births in and around the Baton Rouge area , including Zachary, Hammond, Covington, Lafayette, and New Orleans . Doulas are trained through a DONA-approved training workshop and apprentice program.


Doulas offer assistance, support, and encouragement for the mother's birth choices and greatly increase the opportunity to reach birth goals of avoiding/delaying medication or routine medical interventions.


For more information on Birth Help's next DONA-approved Doula Training Workshop contact René.


René Johnson, owner of Birth Help, has 24 years of experience educating and supporting women in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. René is a certified doula, DONA approved doula trainer and certified childbirth educator. She also serves as a volunteer doula for Operation Doula Care, providing (free of charge) birth doula support to the pregnant wives of U.S. military men deployed as a direct result of any military action relating to the war against terrorism.



Birth Help welcomes experienced Baton Rouge doula Karen Cuellar. Karen has four children, and her last birth experience included a doula's help. She has attended births at both Woman's Hospital and Baton Rouge General as well as births in Covington and Alexandria, Louisiana.


Birth Help also welcomes Sue Kenyon, a DONA Certified Doula serving as a back-up doula. Sue's background in crisis counseling is a great asset in her doula work.



René Johnson BS Ed, ICCE, CD(DONA)

practicing childbirth educator and doula since 1980

DONA approved doula trainer (Next class scheduled for August 2006)

Birth Help, LLC PO Box 80117 Baton Rouge , LA 70898

www.birthhelp.com 225.768.7686

* Empowering Birth (Baton Rouge Area)

Annie Cagle




She is willing to attend births in a hospital setting, a birth center or at a homebirth attended by a midwife.


Annie also provides bellycasting services.


(Please note Annie is the Administrator of this resource site)

* Jennifer Courtney (Shreveport Area)

Jennifer Courtney, ALACE




Jennifer attends births in the Shreveport Area.


Jennifer offers 2 doula services consisiting of 2pre-natals/1 postpartum, assistance with a birth plan, phone/email support, complementary cbe, continuous labor support starting at home and then accompanying the family to the hospital or birth center, her "doula bag of tricks", and explanation of medical stuff. She also offers a lending library to her clients and custom mixed massage oil. In addition to a doula package, she also offers memento services like belly casting, placenta-printing, and mehendi.


Jennifer also has opened a small online store where she sells handmade natural parenting items and baby toys. You can find it online at wingedegg.etsy.com.


* Karen Henshaw (Covington Area)

Karen Henshaw, AAHCC, CD(DONA)


(985)264-8372 www.birthhelper.freeservers.com


Karen attends births within an hour and a half radius of Covington- Baton Rouge to Gulfport.


Karen offers doula services, breastfeeding consultation, childbirth classes using the Bradley method and is currently apprenticing as a midwife under a Naturopathic Physician.


* Kate Paxton (New Orleans Area)

New Orleans Birth Doula



Kate attends births in the New Orleans area as a doula.


* Mothers Touch Doula (New Orleans Area)

Tera Smith



($25 given for referrals)

Primarily serving New Orleans and the North Shore. (50 mile radius around Ponchatoula)


Mothers Touch offers doula services, postpartum support, newborn care & breastfeeding classes (group, private, in-home) and postpartum breastfeeding counseling


* Sheri Devan (Shreveport Area)


(318) 747-7518


Serving the Shreveport area


Sheri provides doula services as well as sells baby gifts through her website at http://www.sewsweetbaby.com


Sheri is the Louisiana State Representative for Operation Special Delivery. It is a program for military dependents whose sponsors are deployed or TDY when they will give birth. To find additional information visit www.operationspecialdelivery.com.




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