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Birthing Tub Rentals

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Water Births

Birthing Tub Rentals


This information is provided by Water Babies, a birthing tub rental company.


Water ~ A source of life. For thousands of years women have been using water for bathing, to help with daily chores, and yes, even to help ease labor and facilitate childbirth. There are more women today who request a birthing pool than ever before.


Giving birth* in a calm, warm, and soothing environment sounds inviting to most mothers. If water is where a mother wants to be and there are no medical complications to prohibit her, then water is where she will feel the most comfortable and relaxed.


In this tranquil setting, a woman’s body is free from gravity’s pull and sensory stimulation is reduced where her body is less likely to secrete stress-related hormones. This allows her body to produce pain inhibitors called endorphins which complement labor.


There are also psychological benefits to laboring in a birthing tub. Water allows the mother to feel more in control of her environment which in turn can reduce stress. Lower stress levels reduce the perception of pain and help the mother to feel more confident about her ability to give birth.


Benefits of using a birthing tub:


• Water is soothing, comforting, and relaxing

• The buoyancy of water helps mobility so mothers in labor can get into a comfortable position, this can allow more room in the pelvis for the baby to pass

• Water alleviates stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins - the body’s natural pain killers

• Warm water helps blood circulation which helps supply oxygen to the baby

• Warm water allows blood vessels to open helping to stabilize blood pressure

• Warm water provides an environment for the baby similar to the amniotic sac

• Immersion in water can reduce fluid retention and swelling




AquaBirth LLC

Karen Cuellar



Waterbirth is being sought out now more than ever. The benefits of waterbirth have not increased; they just have not been considered. Water has been referred to as “the midwives epidural.” Some of the benefits are:


  • Water provides an environment for baby similar to the womb, making transition easier for baby


  • Warm water creates a sense of weightlessness, decreasing the pull from gravity on mom’s body


  • Warm water relaxes mom, increasing her production of endorphins (the body’s natural pain inhibitors)


  • Water allows mom to labor in positions that are more conducive for progress of labor


  • Being in a tub creates an environment where women are free to labor instinctually


  • Deep-water immersion reduces both swelling and blood pressure


  • Waterbirth significantly reduces the percentage of episiotomies or perineal tears



AquaBirth LLC offers the opportunity for a woman to experience giving birth to her baby in the comfort of water. AquaBirth LLC rents a Birth Tub, with disposable liners, for a reasonable fee of $300 with an option to have the tub setup and taken down for an extra charge.

Call 225.667.0717 today to reserve your due date




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