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Birth Stories

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Birth Stories


Do you want to share the birth of your child with the other members? Let us know the story of how this wonderful event happened.


Let your story of a natural birth help empower others to give it a try for the birth of their next child.






VBAC of 4th Child Peter 2007



Home Waterbirth of Kateri Maria 6-01-06



Unassisted Home Waterbirth of Wyatt 12-20-05



Unassisted Homebirth of Cassandra Evelyn 10-21-05



Texas Birth Center(almost side of the road) birth 12-18-03




Hospital Birth of Elizabeth Annette 1-06-03



Out of state Birth Center birth of Caleb Joseph 10-10-2000


Out of state Birth Center birth of Casey John 3-13-99



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